The Avocets Return...
Mature programme ready to fly – and look for a new ‘nest’


The Avocet sportscar programme, including designs, datapack, production and intellectual property rights, is to be marketed for sale internationally as a now fully developed market-ready product, with defined, wide scope for future variants, options and alternative componentry.

MMI, the privately owned automotive enterprise behind the marque, took the very deliberate decision to use the recent past flat market period to advantage, by undertaking substantial further development and testing, auditing and proving the car’s bill of materials and commercially benchmarking the project.

MMI Founder and Managing Director, Martin Miles says, ”We have done everything we set out to do – and more. The result is that Avocet is now a highly competitive car which combines a stylish, ultra-lightweight two-seater body with exceptional chassis dynamics and awesome performance ... and we have achieved that whilst still retaining our base model price ambition of sub-£30,000 OTR (on the road). But now is also the right time for the project to move on – so that a new owner or leadership, with or without our help, can fast-track its own potential plans for early entry into a recovered market ... the Avocet is ready to go – now.

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