MMI Sportscars Limited – The Business


MMI Sportscars Limited (MMISC) is the privately owned and UK registered entity which currently produces the Avocet sportscar. The company has designed, fully developed and built a fully road-going and compliant pre-production series of the car and is seeking partners or sale to take the programme forward to the production phase and beyond.

All components are fully drawn in Autocad Inventor and there are patterns for all castings and moulds for all body and interior components. Inventory at the point of sale would include five Avocets, three of which are road registered.

MMISC has three Director/Shareholders and owns all designs, coyrights and associated IPR outright. There are no direct employees and no external debt. MMISC has developed a robust business plan which includes an entered and verified Bill of Material for the vehicle and costed, estimated build time for the chassis and assembly of the finished vehicle.

Research indicates that the market for this type of vehicle has recovered strongly over the last twelve months and the company sees this continuing. Whilst the company expects initial sales in the UK, it has received considerable interest from overseas markets. The Avocet thus offers an ideal opportunity for entry into this exciting and vibrant area of motoring without the financial risk or development delays usually associated with these projects.

MMISC has maintained a low profile for the project, to enable a new owner or management to develop its own marque, with freedom to introduce innovative ideas into manufacture and sales. MMISC could support these activities if required.

A summary Prospectus is available, to request please go to the Contact page. A full Business Plan is also available on completion of binding Non-Disclosure Agreement formalities.


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